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Mobilize your internal talent

You’ve got amazing talent in-house, but do you know how amazing? HackerRank helps you accurately map your org’s skills, and even finds skills you didn’t know you had. Get the data and tools to help your devs grow their skills and advance their careers.

Confirm your developers’ skills

HackerRank is the developer skills authority, and we provide everything you need to assess and identify skills within your organization.

  • Leverage experiential assessments to accurately map your team’s skills
  • Transition from inferring skills from degrees and certifications to verifying skills in real-world environments
  • Use assessments to validate the effectiveness of upskilling programs and confirm when a developer is ready for their next step
Diagram of HackerRank's skills taxonomy

One customer identified 100,000+ new skills across their organization by using HackerRank with their internal talent. What awesome skills are you missing out on?

Identify skills gaps

Tech teams need to constantly up their skills game to keep pace with technology, and getting where you need to go requires first understanding where you’re at.

  • Identify and develop the technical skills your organization needs
  • Understand strengths and gaps at the individual, team, and org-wide level
  • Look for needed skills internally instead of hiring, saving time and money
  • Build the foundation of an effective L&D program
Photo of a developer coding at a computer

Let data point the way

Be prepared for anything. But stay agile. Oh, and keep costs down. Leaders have to juggle a lot of competing priorities, and verified skills data provides solid ground for making informed decisions about your people.

  • Ensure skills are deployed where they’ll do the organization the most good
  • Develop a skills strategy to manage existing skills and close skills gaps for current and future needs
  • Hang on to more of your developers with continued investment in their skills and career growth
Screenshot of a role in HackerRank's roles directory

Become a dev magnet

Developers are learners and builders at heart, and if you want to attract and hold onto the right devs, you need to give them opportunities to grow their skills and advance their careers. HackerRank provides the data and tools you need to encourage their journeys every step of the way.

Image highlighting a stat: "75% of employees who make an internal move within their organization remain with the company after two years." (LinkedIn)

Not just for candidates

While many organizations use HackerRank assessments for external hiring, a third of all assessments taken on our platform are for internal talent.

Image with HackerRank logo and a stat: 30% of HackerRank assessments are internal

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