Ensure fairness with advanced, AI-powered plagiarism detection

Hire skilled developers and give every candidate a better opportunity to showcase their skills with the only AI integrity tools on the market.


Plagiarism detection

Promote a fair test-taking environment with cutting-edge proctoring

Our AI-powered plagiarism detection utilizes dozens of proctoring and user signals to help you give every developer an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and maintain assessment integrity.

Focus on a dev’s real skills

Ensure that you evaluate a developer’s unique skills with copy/paste tracking.

Copy paste tracking

Frequent tab switching?

Find out if a candidate switches tabs too many times during assessments with tab proctoring.

Frequent tab switching

No group work, please

Ensure test takers aren’t taking a test with a buddy through image analysis.

Image analysis

Build your skills. Build your team. Build your future.

When it comes to technical skills, we help you measure what matters. Accelerate your innovation with HackerRank.

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Levi Barbosa Talent Operations

HackerRank has proven to be an outstanding resource in our hiring efforts, helping us identify and hire top talent faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Felicia Fleitman Director, Early Careers & Diversity Pipelines

We’re very proud to say that half our incoming class is female. Putting skills over resumes helped with this goal.

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Jon Duggins Director of TA at DraftKings

Screening candidates through HackerRank has helped us rapidly and accurately identify the skills of candidates, and therefore find and hire the technical talent our team needs to innovate.

Ensure fairness with advanced, AI-powered plagiarism detection.

Hire skilled developers and showcase their skills with the only AI integrity tools on the market.

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