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Can HackerRank help with local validation and test maintenance?
Yes. HackerRank’s Professional Services team is staffed with Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychologists and Engagement Managers who have deep experience conducting local validation studies and helping our customers maintain their assessment programs over time.
Does your team provide adverse impact analyses?
Yes. Our team regularly supports customers in conducting adverse impact analyses. This includes advising on the design of the analytical approach as well as calculating and interpreting a variety of adverse impact statistics (e.g., 4/5ths, Z-test, Fisher’s Exact Test).
Do you guarantee legal defensibility?
Legal defensibility is dependent on a number of factors, many of which are under the control of the employer using the test. HackerRank has gone to great lengths, however, to support the legal defensibility of our certified assessments. While no one, including HackerRank, can guarantee that a test is legally defensible, we have identified the skills required in technical roles and carefully developed our assessments to measure those skills. For added assurance of legal defensibility, our Professional Services team can help you conduct a local test validation study.
Can your certified assessments be customized?
Yes. You can either add or remove skills from certified assessments. If you want to choose your own questions to measure a particular skill, however, you can work with our Customer Success and Professional Services teams.
How does HackerRank help protect the integrity of technical assessment scores?
We believe that deterrence and monitoring are important tools for ensuring the quality and integrity of test scores. We offer a suite of proctoring and plagiarism features that encourage fairness in the assessment process and provide you with the information you need to confirm the integrity of applicants’ scores. Our certified assessments also include active replacement of leaked questions, which minimizes applicants’ opportunities to benefit from outside help.
How can I learn more about HackerRank’s extensive research on the skills that are required for different technical roles?
Visit our web-based roles directory to see the results of our research on the technical skills that are required for 65+ jobs across a variety of job families. There you will be able to see the skills commonly required for each job, and how to evaluate them using HackerRank’s library of technical assessment content.

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Ashley P. Senior Software Engineer

HackerRank is a great resource for the developer community. By practicing questions and learning more about advanced concepts, I was able to pass my interview with flying colors — and get to where I am now. HackerRank played a really big part in that.

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Jon Duggins Director of TA at DraftKings

Screening candidates through HackerRank has helped us rapidly and accurately identify the skills of candidates, and therefore find and hire the technical talent our team needs to innovate.

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Madison Patino Recruiting Program Manager

We cut down our hiring time by months, which was huge for us. We owe that to HackerRank.

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