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Work isn’t multiple choice.
Your hiring shouldn’t be, either.

Ditch the gimmicky brain teasers. Put developer skills to the test with real-world challenges in sandboxed environments identical to what devs use day-to-day.

Screenshot of HackerRank IDE

Give devs the tools to do their best work

  • Back-end environments
  • Full stack environments
  • Front-end environments
  • Mobile environments
  • Node.JS 18.15Node.JS 18.15
  • Java 17 with GradleJava 17 with Gradle
  • PHP LaravelPHP Laravel
  • Spark (Scala)Spark (Scala)
  • Java 17 with MavenJava 17 with Maven
  • PySparkPySpark
  • Ruby on RailsRuby on Rails
  • C++C++
  • .NET Core.NET Core
  • PHP SymfonyPHP Symfony
  • Spring Boot (Java 17)Spring Boot (Java 17)
  • GoGo
  • DjangoDjango
  • PHP CodeigniterPHP Codeigniter
  • Angular JSAngular JS
    (Node.JS 18.15)
  • React.JSReact.JS
  • Vue.JSVue.JS
    (Node.JS 18.15)
  • Android (Kotlin)Android (Kotlin)
  • Android (Java)Android (Java)
  • React NativeReact Native
  • FlutterFlutter

Test skills in real scenarios

Unlike general coding questions, our real-world experience lets candidates work through extended problems and carry context forward from one challenge to the next.

  • Watch candidates problem solve
  • Effortlessly upload project repos

Assess developers in your environment

Our real-world testing environment is remarkably flexible and built to accommodate a wide range of technology stacks.

  • Set up the IDE to your specifications and model real-world environments
  • Use automated scoring to objectively evaluate candidate performance quickly and accurately
Diagram of HackerRank's skills taxonomy

We know developer skills like nobody’s business

We’re obsessed with developers and have 10+ years of proprietary skills data that gives us a deep understanding of developer skills and how they shift as the industry evolves. And while others rely on college curriculums, books, and search engines to map skills, we turn to our Skills Advisory Council, a panel of industry experts, to identify, certify, and standardize our skills.

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