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Showcase your tech brand

Build a tech brand that attracts developers and competes with big tech for world-class talent. Tell a story that thrills and attracts candidates with branded events, automated outreach, and real-world challenges.

Trusted Brand

Meet our developer friends

Recruiting developers is easier when you’re backed by a trusted brand. Let us introduce you to the community, so you can be the cool kid at the developer lunch table.

  • Partner with HackerRank to leverage over a decade of brand equity with developers.
  • Tap into the power and reach of the HackerRank Community, with 24 million developers.
  • Rely on HackerRank’s trusted assessments and skills intelligence.
Screenshot of HackerRank IDE, picture of developers collaborating

Talent Pool

Grow your talent pipeline

It’s time to level up your recruitment marketing and start building your talent pipeline.

  • Create the talent brand you need to drive awareness and candidate interest.
  • Leverage HackerRank to build relationships with high-quality developers.
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When companies invest in their tech talent brand, they see 50% more qualified applicants and employees are 40% less likely to leave.

Source: LinkedIn

Integrated Platform

The all-in-one engagement platform

Engage more developers with integrated tools for creating, hosting, and promoting recruiting events. Backed by expert service.

  • Branded websites to promote recruiting events.
  • Scheduled email sequences to drive event attendance.
  • Leaderboards to showcase participant standing and gamify events.
  • Advanced proctoring that monitors for suspicious activity and upholds challenge integrity.
Screenshot of an event in HackerRank Engage

Give developers what they want

Job descriptions don’t do justice to what developers will be working on or what they’ll be exposed to. Show developers that your company presents an exciting opportunity and the chance to work with cool technology and an even cooler team.

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