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Highlights from HackerRank.main()

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Opening Panel: Skills Mapping for Valid & Fair Tech Hiring
Demo: Developer Skills Platform in Action

Tick Tock Talks: Best Practices in a Remote World

ServiceNow: interview with Nancy DeLeon, Global TA Director
MathWorks: interview with Vipresh Gangwal, Engineering Manager - Development Group
Salesforce: interview with Tom Ahern, Recruiting Leader Engineering and Technology
UBS: interview with David O'Brien, Leader of Group Technology Workforce Management

Accelerate Your Innovation with the Developer Skills Platform


Recruit based on the right
skills for the job.


Find quality talent faster
with coding tests and projects.


Conduct great technical interviews from anywhere


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HackerRank Developer Skills Platform

Imagine a world where you can accelerate your company’s innovation by raising the talent bar of every software developer you hire based on skills, not pedigree.

At HackerRank.main() Virtual we brought together industry thought leaders, hiring managers, and recruiting professionals from leading companies such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, UBS and MathWorks to initiate thought-provoking and candid conversations.

Raising the hiring bar for software developers while simultaneously eliminating bias is the key to unlocking a world of even more skilled developers to accelerate the world’s innovation.

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