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Early career devs are the future.
It’s time to hire like it.

Build a world-class university hiring program that developers love.

Engagement Platform

Attract skilled university devs with real-world challenges

Engage more developers with integrated tools for creating, hosting, and promoting recruiting events.

  • Branded websites to promote recruiting events.
  • Scheduled email sequences to drive event attendance.
  • Leaderboards to showcase participant standing and gamify events.
Screenshot of HackerRank Engage

Automated Screening

Screen and hire large volumes of applicants in a flash

Quickly evaluate the skills of entry-level developers with an automated screening process.

  • Set up an optimal hiring process for each role.
  • Assess large volumes of candidates with a consistent standard.
  • Ensure the right skills are assessed at the right time, in the right way.
Screenshot of candidate scorecard for a HackerRank coding test

Plagiarism Detection

Ensure fair and accurate assessments

Promote a fair test-taking environment with cutting-edge proctoring and unmatched AI-powered plagiarism detection.

  • Give every developer an equal opportunity to showcase their skills.
  • Monitor dozens of signals, including copy/paste tracking and tab switching.
  • Successfully detect AI use through enhanced code review.
Screenshot of coding test in HackerRank IDE

“HackerRank has played a pivotal role in helping us shift our focus from pedigree to a more comprehensive evaluation of early career candidates. It’s been a refreshing change.”

Mary Teolis, Talent Acquisition Manager, Early Careers, at UKG

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