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White paper

Behind HackerRank’s Certified Assessments: The role-based technical tests you can trust

Using technical assessments in the hiring process is an important component of any skill-based talent strategy. But creating, standardizing, and maintaining technical skills assessments can be time-consuming and challenging. HackerRank’s certified assessments make it easy for you to implement, standardize, and maintain technical testing programs.

In this white paper, we demonstrate why you can trust HackerRank’s certified assessments and how they make technical testing easier.

You’ll learn more about:

  • Our up-to-date and comprehensive skills taxonomy
  • How we create job-related technical tests
  • Our rigorous approach to content development and scoring
  • Our approach to validity and fairness
  • The many ways we help you maintain the integrity of technical assessments over time, including monitoring and replacing leaked questions on your behalf

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