How HackerRank is Leading AI-Powered Hiring

As AI reshapes what it means to be a developer, we’re reshaping how developer skills are evaluated and upskilled, from bringing AI into assessments, to ensuring fairness and integrity, and enhancing the hiring process.

Join Ankit Arya, our Principal Product Manager for Machine Learning, and Danielle Bechtel, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, for a walkthrough of how we’re thinking about AI and the global launch of a significant new AI-powered feature. We’ll also be pulling back the curtain to look at some of the cool features we’re building to bring AI to every part of the HackerRank experience.

In this session, you’ll get:

  • A look at how HackerRank is thinking about AI, both within our platform and across tech skills in general.
  • The release of a major new AI-powered feature
  • An exploration of our new and upcoming AI integrations
  • A deep dive into how we’re using AI to ensure assessment integrity
  • To learn about opportunities to test new products and features
  • And more

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