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Embrace the future of tech with HackerRank AI

The AI Revolution is here, and developer skills will never be the same. As AI reshapes what it means to write code, we’re re-inventing how to evaluate and improve coding skills—thanks to AI-assisted assessments, robust fairness and integrity features, and a new hiring process grounded in AI.


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AI-Integrated Assessments

Embrace AI in real-world challenges

AI is changing how developers work. Our next-generation assessments bring AI into the workflow:

  • AI assistants like copilot and ChatGPT built directly into our IDE
  • New question types built with AI in mind
  • Customizable AI access levels to match your AI readiness
Animation of a developer using HackerRank's development environment

Assessment Integrity

Ensure fair and accurate assessments

Leverage AI to protect the fairness and accuracy of assessments:

  • Best-in-class AI-powered plagiarism detection uses dozens of discrete signals to monitor assessments
  • Four times more accurate than traditional plagiarism detection models
  • Automatically remove questions easily solved by AI from our question library and all future tests
A screenshot of a HackerRank summary report, showing a candidate was flagged for suspicious behavior

Hiring Productivity

Let AI improve your hiring process

We’re embedding AI assistance throughout our platform to make you more productive.

  • AI-derived signals like code quality and effort analysis provide key insights every step of the way.
  • AI assistance reduces time-consuming tasks like question writing
  • Automated Interview transcription and more
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And that’s just the tip of the AI-ceberg

AI opens up all kinds of opportunities in technical hiring and skills management. For all we’ve done, we’re just getting started. We’re cooking up some exciting new things in our lab and can’t wait to share more with you soon.

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Developer Skills: AI Report

82% of developers think AI will redefine the future of coding

Our Developer Skills: AI report explores how developers are adopting AI—and how companies are shifting their hiring practices in response.

Developer Skills: AI Report

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