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Get personalized AI-driven recommendations to deliver the right experience
and quality assessments to successfully hire tech talent


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HackerRank powers 1 assessment every 8 seconds.
Our AI insights synthesize anonymized learnings from every assessment to hone your tech talent hiring.

Candidates complete
coding assessment

Track step-by-step
funnel performance
for every assessment

Get actionable insights
to improve each step
of the funnel

Strengthen team alignment, benchmark, and excel

Effective assessments start with data

Optimize your hiring funnel

Track the progress of your candidates from invite to offer* for every assessment. Analyze funnel health and identify areas for improvement at a glance.

*With ATS integration


Personalized, actionable intel

Powered by machine learning, the Test Health Dashboard independently flags areas for improvement: from candidate response to assessment quality. Cut out painstaking trial and error—skip straight to optimizing.

Build best-in-class assessments

Leverage insights from over 150 million data points to create the ideal assessment for your role. Measure against metrics proven to positively impact assessment quality and candidate skills fit.


Optimize for experience

Take candidate experience to the next level with granular candidate response metrics. Calibrate outreach to attract and engage the developers you want.

Align and excel

Measure overall recruiter and hiring manager alignment to successfully hire talent you’re seeking with Tech Talent Matrix.

Benchmark your brand against industry peers. Get strategic guidance from customer success experts to increase your tech talent brand appeal.

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