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HackerRank AI Day

Shaping Tomorrow’s Tech: Join the AI Evolution in Developer Skills

14 March, 2024 | 08:30 AM PT | Virtual Event

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Meet your AI Companion and Host for HackerRank AI Day

What you’ll get out of this event

In an era where Artificial Intelligence is not just an advantage but a necessity, HackerRank is leading the transformation in how coding skills are evaluated and optimized for the enterprise. Our AI Day is a testament to this commitment.

Keynote by Vivek Ravisankar, HackerRank’s Co-founder & CEO

Discover the future of tech with Vivek Ravisankar as he explores AI’s role in coding and innovation, offering strategies and insights for the next wave of technological evolution.

AI Innovation Showcase by HackerRank

Experience AI’s impact on coding and recruitment through an engaging showcase led by HackerRank’s Product Leadership Team, highlighting AI’s potential to enhance coding skills and efficiency.

Market Insights with Josh Bersin, HR Visionary

Explore the intersection of AI, HR technology, and the workforce with HR expert Josh Bersin, discussing strategies for navigating future labor markets.

VC Views by Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures’ founder

Join Vinod Khosla for insights into AI breakthroughs and the shift towards a skills-first approach in the enterprise world, influenced by the latest in venture capital.

AI Trends with Beyang Liu, Sourcegraph’s Co-founder & CTO

Dive into the fusion of software development and AI with Beyang Liu, uncovering trends and projections that are shaping the future of tech development strategies.

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