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How do you hire the best tech talent?

Companies of all shapes and sizes consistently look for ways to improve their hiring processes. The central questions they're trying to answer:

How do I compare to other companies in my industry and beyond in hiring the best tech talent?

What can I do to make my hiring process more efficient, compliant, and fair?

The HackerRank Hiring Maturity Model breaks down, in granular detail, the various actions that companies should take in order to create more sophisticated hiring processes to compete for top talent while ensuring a world-class experience for candidates and interviewers alike.


By implementing more optimized hiring processes, companies are able to ensure a more efficient, compliant, and fair hiring experience for diverse candidate pools. HackerRank Hiring Maturity Model is emblematic of how incremental process changes can impact hiring in any organization, big or small. While there is not a single "right" way to get started, identifying areas within your process as it currently exists will help identify gaps and help influence how organizations think about their hiring strategies.

HackerRank Hiring Maturity Model

A framework that defines the stages of progression each technical hiring organization undergoes. The model benchmarks key steps of the hiring process-planning, sourcing, screening, interviewing, and candidate ranking and outlines key steps organizations should make in order to advance through the various stages.


Plan is the stage where teams determine how many roles need to be filled, what specific technical skills the new role requires, and how to assess them throughout the hiring process.


Source is the stage where teams find and/or invite a compelling pool of candidates to consider for the open role.


Screen is the stage where teams conduct an early verification of the candidates' role fit. The goal is to identify early markers of well-suited candidates in an efficient, candidate-friendly way.


Interview is the stage where hiring teams and candidates are able to assess mutual fit. This takes place through in-depth explorations of skills fit, values fit, and feedback from the interview panel.


Rank is the stage where teams determine which candidates are best suited for the job, based on performance against other candidates, existing employees, and a global talent pool.

I'm very excited to see HackerRank use their expertise to help further the industry by offering new tools to continue the improvement and sophistication of the way the industry thinks about recruiting

VP, Global Head of Experience & People Operations


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