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Sourcing and hiring programmers is easy when you engage with over a million developers on HackerRank. Replace the unnatural career fairs and connect with engineers around coding challenges. Sponsor a HackerRank Codesprint or host your own to establish your brand and attract the best minds in AI, data science and many other CS domains.

Jay Pandya

Hired by Rocketfuel

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Hire skill, not school

Resumes, GPAs and pedigree tell only part of the story. When hiring programmers, go beyond the resume and get insights into real coding skills with code challenges. Use HackerRank platform’s automated evaluation and scoring, to make assessments and screening a snap.

Screen like a tech whiz

Whether you are screening 5 or 5000 candidates, HackerRank automatically assesses and scores candidates performance on coding challenges. With the stack ranked list of candidates, its easy to pick the top developers from the leaderboard. Just imagine the time saved from all those lengthy phone screens!

Make interviews effective

Ditch the whiteboards, notepads, docs, standalone video-conferencing tools etc and switch to CodePair - the first pair programming interview product. With built-in codechecker and real time code validation, you will instantly evaluate your candidate’s performance.

Evaluate candidates by role or experience level

Full Stack Dev
  • Polar Angles

    Given a list of points in the 2D plane, sort them in ascending order of their polar angle.

    View challenge
  • The Grid Search

    Given a 2D array of digits, try to find the location of a given 2D pattern of digits within it.

    View challenge
  • A Journey to the Moon

    Compute in how many ways you can pick a pair of astronauts out of a set of N so that no two from a pair are from the same country.

    View challenge
Dev Ops
  • The World of Numbers

    Given two integers X and Y, find their sum, difference, product and quotient.

    View challenge
  • Arithmetic Operations

    Provided with expressions containing +,-,*,^, / and parenthesis where none of the numbers in an expression involved will exceed 999, evaluate the expression and display the output correct to 3 decimal places.

    View challenge
  • Computer the Average

    Given N integers, compute their average, correct to three decimal places.

    View challenge
Data Scientist
  • Predict the Missing Grade

    Given a set of student grades across five disciplines, where the grades in four of those disciplines is known, can you predict what grade they obtained in the fifth?

    View challenge
  • Byte the Correct Apple

    Given a set of sentences, each referring to one of two definitions of an homonym, perform disambiguation between these two groups and identify which one is being referred to for each line.

    View challenge
  • Missing Stock Prices

    Using time series data with some daily maximums missing, identify the missing maximum values.

    View challenge

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