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11 of the Hottest and Highest-Paying Tech Jobs Right Now

Written By Ritika Trikha | March 17, 2015

Earlier this year, job site published a list of the top 25 highest paying jobs in demand in the United States. To nobody’s surprise, the tech industry completely dominated the list. Ten out of 25 of the highest paying in-demand jobs are in tech.
As the speed of technological innovation continues to outpace the supply of tech talent to drive and develop the technology, the tech industry is undeniable a candidate’s market. “The technologies are moving so fast, it’s hard for [employers] to keep up. It’s hard to engage that talent pool far enough ahead of the need,” VP of marketing at IT staffing firm Yoh told InformationWeek. With companies thirsty for technical professionals, even the White House has launched a $100 million Tech Hire initiative to encourage people to learn more technical skillsets.
Here’s a list of the most coveted tech professionals who are getting some of the highest paychecks on average across the country. While the salaries differ by location because of varying factors, like cost of living or presence of tech companies, Glassdoor’s list is a solid overview of the tech jobs with most job openings and relatively high salaries.
Check out Glassdoor’s top paying in-demand tech jobs and the average base salary: 

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Mobile Developers Should Have Made the List

While mobile developers didn’t make it onto Glassdoor’s sample pool, other recent stats show that Android and iOS mobile app development is a red hot in-demand job right now coming in at between $107,500 and $161,500, depending on what company and where.
Android engineers are particularly high in demand in California, Mashable reports. And mobile applications developers, in general, are in extremely strong demand as more consumers and companies alike are going mobile in day-to-day practices, leveraging shopping apps like Wish and even expensing reports like Expensify.
“Experienced mobile app developers who possess knowledge of multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Symbian, etc.) are in strong demand and, unsurprisingly, they’ll see a significant jump in starting pay — a 10.2 percent pay increase in 2015, to a range of $107,500–$161,500,” Robert Half reports.
The demand for tech jobs in data science, network engineering and mobile development, coupled with the scarcity of tech talent, is the perfect equation for high salaries for those candidates who possess these skills. If you’re looking to make the big bucks, these 11 tech jobs are certainly worth pursuing in the near future.

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