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Introducing HackerRank’s 2019 Developer Skills Report

Written By Vivek Ravisankar | January 28, 2019

HackerRank just released its annual 2019 Developer Skills Report. Click here to get the report.  

Hackerrank's CEO & Co-Founder Vivek Ravisankar

Programming is like art—both the process of writing code and the code in itself. Converting an idea that only existed in your head into reality is an unparalleled feeling. It’s a kind of mindfulness that keeps you in a state of flow when you love the work you do. And, when your product impacts millions of developers and helps them find the right place to work—it’s both exciting and scary!

At HackerRank we have had the opportunity to build a product that’s used by a community of more than 5 million developers (more than 20% of the world’s developer population) and more than 1,200 customers to match every developer to the right job based on skill. The underlying infrastructure of the hiring process is going through a dramatic shift. Candidates are now being evaluated based on their skills and not their pedigree. This opens up a lot more opportunities for developers and smart companies worldwide are recognizing this and making the shift.

We surveyed our community with questions ranging from which technology they find the most promising to what they look for in a job and during the interview process. More than 70,000 developers participated in the survey (that’s right!) and the report is a treasure trove of insight on what’s happening in the land of developers.

Enjoy the report and as always feel free to tweet @hackerrank or email us at your comments. Let’s build an even playing field!

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