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Introducing HackerRank’s 2020 Developer Skills Report

Written By Vivek Ravisankar | February 4, 2020

Banner for the Developer Skills Report with a statistic about how many participants were there in the surveyHackerRank just released its 2020 Developer Skills Report. Read the full report here.

At HackerRank, we have over 7 million developers in our community. That’s over 25% of the world’s developers who are using HackerRank to level up their coding skills.

We’re fortunate to play a part in expanding and growing the developer community during this time of rapid change. Our mission at HackerRank is to help accelerate the world’s innovation as more and more companies shift to tech-focused approaches to running and building their businesses. Since 2010, 22 newcomers have entered the Fortune 100—a seismic shift—driven largely by technical innovation. Since that time, tech-first giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook have joined the list, and they’re not slowing down.

As companies evolve to embed tech into the heart of their products, the need for skilled talent is growing exponentially. To meet that demand, companies will have to become experts in developer hiring—not by relying on developers’ pedigrees or resumes, but by objectively evaluating their skills and placing them strategically throughout the organizations they work for.

To understand the state of developer skills in 2020, we’re launching our third annual Developer Skills Report: the largest survey of its kind ever released. We asked for input on coding bootcamps, pay equity, and more—and over 116,000 developers from 162 countries responded. The data provides unparalleled insight into what employers and employees know, what they’re looking for in their work, and how they see their roles evolving as technology sweeps across industries of all sizes.

I hope you enjoy our findings. Please feel free to tweet us @hackerrank or email us at with comments or questions.Banner reading "See the full 2020 Developer Skills Report"

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