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From Insightful Keynotes to AI-Driven Solutions: A Recap of the 2024 AI Skills & Tech Talent Summit

Written By Sanskruti Joshi | June 11, 2024

AI Skills and Tech Talent Summit

On May 23, 2024, HackerRank hosted the AI Skills & Tech Talent Summit at the Royal Society in London. This event masterfully blended history and innovation, marking a significant milestone in understanding the transformative power of Gen AI in recruiting, upskilling, internal mobility, skills strategy and all things developer experience

Attendees had the unique opportunity to engage with thought leaders from all over Europe and UK in a venue renowned for its rich scientific heritage. The agenda was packed with captivating keynotes, innovative product showcases, and invaluable networking opportunities. From insightful discussions on integrating AI into skill development to networking with top professionals in Technology, Talent, and HR roles, the summit offered a wealth of knowledge and connections.

Hung Lee, the curator of Recruiting Brainfood and the event’s emcee, kept the energy high and the conversations engaging. Participants connected with leading professionals, gained insights from top innovators in tech and talent, and discovered how HackerRank is shaping the future of technical talent management in the era of GenAI. The summit was an enriching experience, filled with engaging conversations and exploration of the latest trends and strategies in tech talent acquisition and development.

The event kicked off with an introduction by AI-Saac Newton, the AI reincarnation of Sir Isaac Newton. AI Sack humorously welcomed attendees and highlighted the profound impact of Newton’s discoveries on modern technology, setting the stage for an inspiring event focused on AI and tech talent.

AI-Saac Newton starting off the event

Keynote by Juan Herrera, President of Field Operations, HackerRank

Juan Herrera giving his keynote

Juan Herrera from HackerRank delivered the keynote, sharing insights from HackerRank’s 2024 Developer Skills Report. He highlighted five key trends: the stabilizing job market, the importance of learning opportunities for developers, the disconnect between college education and job readiness, the gap in leaders’ understanding of team skills, and the rapid adoption of AI by developers. Juan emphasized that the future of tech work is a collaborative effort between humans and AI, where developers orchestrate AI tools to enhance their work.

Juan also discussed the need for companies to build dedicated AI and machine learning teams to decide on the appropriate AI tools and models for their businesses. He pointed out that despite economic downturns, roles in data science, machine learning, and cybersecurity have remained stable due to their critical importance.

To address these challenges, Juan outlined HackerRank’s approach, which includes setting up a skills strategy, showcasing tech brands through hackathons, optimizing the hiring process with effective assessments, and continuously upskilling employees. He introduced HackerRank’s Developer Skills Platform, which integrates AI to enhance the recruitment and talent development process while ensuring a positive developer experience.

AI-first Approaches by Alla Pavlova, Recruitment Partner at Riot Games

All about tech recruiting in the age of AI by Alla Pavlova

Following Juan’s keynote, Alla Pavlova from Riot Games took the stage. Described as ‘a leading thinker and doer in tech recruitment’ by Hung Lee, Alla shared her innovative approaches to finding and hiring tech talent, particularly in data science, data engineering, and machine learning.

Alla showcased AI tools she uses to streamline her hiring process. She demonstrated how quickly Gen AI can generate outlines and presentations, emphasizing the efficiency and time-saving benefits these tools offer. Alla highlighted that by leveraging AI, she can save up to 40 hours a week, which allows her to focus on more strategic tasks.

Alla also discussed the practical applications of AI in her daily work. She uses various AI tools for note-taking, summarizing videos, and tracking activities. These tools not only enhance productivity but also ensure a more structured and disciplined approach to her recruitment process. She encouraged the audience to integrate AI tools into their workflows to stay current with technological advancements and improve efficiency.

In her interactive session, Alla engaged the audience and revealed that many companies still have reservations about data security and privacy. She underscored the importance of understanding the broader spectrum of AI tools available and encouraged recruiters and talent professionals to stay informed about technological trends to remain competitive.

Alla concluded with practical advice for recruiters: dedicating time each week for learning and experimenting with new AI tools.

Expert Panel Discussion on the Adoption of Gen AI

Expert Panel Discussion on the Adoption of Gen AI 

The panel discussion at the AI Skills & Tech Talent Summit, moderated by Ben Stollard of HackerRank, delved into the future of tech talent. The panelists included Andy Young, Managing Director at Accenture, Libby Cook, Program Head of WiseWomenCode at Wise, and Alla Pavlova, Recruitment and Sourcing partner at Riot Games.

The discussion highlighted AI’s transformative potential while emphasizing the importance of human-centric approaches in recruitment. It provided valuable insights and practical strategies for navigating the evolving tech talent landscape in the era of AI.

Andy Young shared his journey from a psychology major to a tech delivery leader at Accenture, highlighting how AI is transforming workflows. He discussed AI’s ability to handle unstructured data and enhance productivity, allowing professionals to focus on strategic tasks. He provided an example of how AI in underwriting significantly reduced processing time, improving efficiency and client relationships.

Libby Cook also discussed Wise’s tech talent programs, particularly the Wise Women Code initiative. This program addresses the disparity in women taking technical tests by offering workshops, coding sessions, and mentorship. She emphasized the importance of human interaction in nurturing talent and ensuring inclusivity in AI adoption. Libby also noted the significant increase in applications due to AI’s ease of use and the need for robust skills assessments.

Alla Pavlova emphasized the need for recruiters to be tech-savvy and leverage AI tools to enhance recruitment. She shared her journey from a law PhD to a career in human resources, highlighting the importance of continuous learning and using AI for data visualization and ATS improvements. Alla stressed that recruiters should enjoy their work and seek ways to improve processes through technology.

Ben Stollard, GM & VP EMEA at HackerRank

HackerRank Experience Lab: Introducing SkillUp and Engage

Adil Chinoy introducing SkillUp and Engage

The Experience Lab session at the AI Skills & Tech Talent Summit, led by Adil Chinoy from HackerRank, showcased how Gen AI is seamlessly integrated into HackerRank’s offerings, specifically focusing on two key products: Engage and SkillUp.

Adil highlighted how Engage is a tool designed to simplify the setup of hackathons and tech events. Traditionally, organizing such events required significant resources from marketing, development, and talent acquisition teams. Engage automates much of this process using AI, from creating event microsites to setting up challenges and managing marketing campaigns. With just a few prompts, users can customize their events, targeting specific demographics and capturing essential data. Adil highlighted the efficiency and ease of use, sharing a personal anecdote about setting up a fully branded event demo in just minutes.

The second part of the session focused on SkillUp, HackerRank’s platform for assessing and developing internal talent. Adil demonstrated how employees can set up their skill profiles, receive personalized learning paths, and earn certifications. The platform includes an AI assistant to help employees learn and solve problems in real-time, enhancing their development experience. Managers can access a comprehensive dashboard to track the skills and certifications of their teams, enabling better resource allocation and career planning.

The AI Skills & Tech Talent Summit proved to be an inspiring and informative event, offering a deep dive into the current and future landscape of AI in tech talent management. With practical insights, innovative strategies, and a focus on continuous learning, the summit set a new benchmark for understanding and leveraging AI in recruitment and upskilling.


Guests having a great time

The AI Skills & Tech Talent Summit hosted by HackerRank at the Royal Society in London was a remarkable blend of history and cutting-edge innovation. With Hung Lee as the dynamic emcee, the event successfully brought together thought leaders from across Europe and UK to explore the transformative power of AI in recruitment and upskilling. The summit offered attendees a wealth of knowledge through captivating keynotes, innovative product showcases, and invaluable networking opportunities.

Aadil Bandukwala interacting with the guests

Participants left the event with a deeper understanding of how AI is reshaping the landscape of tech talent management. They gained insights into the latest trends and strategies, discovered practical tools and approaches for enhancing their recruitment processes, and connected with leading professionals in the fields of Technology, Talent, and HR roles.

Everyone loved posing with our Sir AI-Saac Newton

The event concluded with AI-friendly discussions over champagne, wine, and gourmet, providing a perfect setting for further networking and reflection on the day’s insights. Guests also enjoyed the delightful experience of traditional cream tea and the exciting displays of molecular gastronomy, adding a unique flavor to the event. The event concluded with AI-friendly discussions over champagne, wine, and cocktails, providing a perfect setting for further networking and reflection on the day’s insights.

Guests also enjoyed the delightful experience of traditional cream tea and the exciting displays of molecular gastronomy,


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