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Thought Leadership

New Guide: Building Distributed Development Organizations from the Ground Up

Written By Aditi Chandrasekar | February 2, 2021

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Remote-first, remote-friendly, fully remote—these terms are becoming increasingly common while we are in the grips of the pandemic. 

As we race to find the most effective ways to collaborate in this new remote world, there are still many questions. Is remote work working for my business? Are there different remote models? Which remote model is right for my team?

Bjorn Freeman-Benson is a visionary engineering leader who started down the path of building 100% distributed development teams many years ago—driven by the need to find the world's top talent. Jawahar Malhotra, HackerRank’s EVP of Technology, spent time with Bjorn at Aarhus University, in Denmark working together on the programming language Beta. 

Recently, Bjorn spoke with Jawahar and addressed these burning questions along with key insights on building distributed development teams from the ground up. 

In this guide, you will learn: 

  • What makes remote teams successful (and unsuccessful) 
  • Benefits and drawbacks of the different remote team models
  • How to hire the right managers for remote work
  • How to encourage junior development in a distributed organization
  • The challenges of managing and scaling remote teams

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