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Developer Skills Platform: Select the Candidate with the Best Skillset for the Role

Written By Dax Farhang | October 6, 2020

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Today at HackerRank.main(), we unveiled the new industry standard in technical hiring, the HackerRank Developer Skills Platform — an end-to-end hiring platform that enables teams to build high-quality, diverse teams that fuel company innovation. 

During the event, we explained how each component in the platform is purpose-built to identify and evaluate the right skills for the job at every stage of the hiring process:

  1. Plan enables companies to define a hiring process that will effectively assess the right skills for the job.
  2. Screen helps find top talent faster through tests that produce both quantitative and qualitative signals.
  3. Interview enables teams to evaluate real-world scenarios, systems design, and collaborative skills through shared access to a full-fledged IDE, full-stack environments, and a virtual whiteboard.
  4. Rank summarizes all of the information collected throughout the hiring process and identifies the candidate with the best skillset for the job.

How HackerRank helps hiring managers select the candidate with the best skillset

HackerRank captures every touchpoint throughout the entire hiring process in an integrated report that summarizes all of the data on the candidate’s technical skills.

In addition, each test and interview score is measured against the entire candidate pool, previous hires for similar roles, and millions of developers worldwide. This provides an unprecedented view of a candidate’s true skill level and ability to be successful in the role.

HackerRank Candidate Packet

Complete visibility throughout the hiring process

Every score, rating, and piece of feedback provided by the individual in the hiring process is captured and presented in an integrated candidate packet. In addition, each keystroke is recorded so the team can see how the code was applied. The virtual whiteboard drawings are also saved for later review by the interview panel.

Benchmark against 11+ million developers

Each candidate’s skill level is also benchmarked against a company’s own history or the world-at-large. This helps companies understand the relative strength of an individual by ranking their performance in a percentile.

So when a candidate is ranked in the 97th percentile, the hiring manager can confidently conclude that the individual proficiency level in that skill is in the top 3%. 

Better understand interviewer scoring

Interview ratings are subjective scores applied by the interview team. So unlike a test that has an absolute measure of performance, two individuals may capture entirely different ratings for a skill during an interview because of their personal grading styles.

HackerRank allows hiring teams to better understand this nuance by comparing the historical ratings provided by each member of the interview panel on the same skill. Thus, enabling the team to better understand the relative intent of an individual score.

With the Developer Skills Platform, hiring managers have the confidence in selecting a candidate with the best skills for the role.

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