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G Suite & Office 365 Add-on: Schedule HackerRank Interviews Straight From Your Calendar

Written By Kaivalya Powale | September 25, 2020

Google Calendar and Office 365 Integration Main Header Image

Scheduling remote interviews for candidates can be a logistical nightmare. Between going back and forth through multiple apps to generate links, checking interviewer and candidate availability, and sending out calendar invites—just scheduling an interview can take up a good chunk of your time. 

At HackerRank, we make the remote interviewing process easy and seamless for our customers. 

That’s why today we are launching a series of integrations with the top two calendar apps: Google Calendar and Outlook.

Introducing G Suite and Office 365 add-ons

Just like any other video conferencing option, these calendar add-ons live within your calendar app and can be used to schedule a remote technical interview.

This option allows you to create a calendar event, add the HackerRank interview link, and send the interview details to the attendees all in one place. The result is less time spent on logistics or switching between apps and more time doing what matters to you.

How the Calendar add-ons work

First, you’ll need to install the add-on from the G Suite Marketplace or Microsoft Appsource. Once the add-on is installed, open your calendar app.

1. Create an event/meeting and enter participant informationScreenshot of Google Calendar and Office 365 HackerRank Integration

2. Choose “HackerRank CodePair” from the video conferencing options

Screenshot of Google Calendar and Office 365 HackerRank Integration Scheduling

3. Log in to HackerRank (once you’re setup, you won’t have to log in again)

HackerRank login to set up calendar integration

4. Voilà! You now have the HackerRank Interview link in your calendar. All participants will receive an invite with the interview link

HackerRank Calendar Integration

How the Calendar add-ons appear in HackerRank

Interview links created from the calendar add-ons will show up in your HackerRank CodePair page. They will look like any other interview link that you’ve created in the past.

Where you can see your scheduled interviews within HackerRank

Get the calendar add-ons for easy interview scheduling with HackerRank!

Install Calendar Add-on for Office365 here.

Install Calendar Add-on for G Suite here.


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Kaivalya PowaleKaivalya Powale is the Product Manager for HackerRank’s Enterprise Platform. He heads integrations efforts that enable all recruiters and interviewers to have a seamless hiring experience. Kaivalya also helps build and maintain HackerRank’s partnerships with other hiring platforms. With a passion for user experience, engineering, and business, he loves making products! 

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