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HackerRank and Harver Announce Partnership to Provide Holistic Job Candidate Evaluation

Written By Sam Dewey | June 21, 2023

HackerRank and harver partnership announcement

Partnership between best-in-class coding assessment and best-in-class behavioral assessment ensures complete view of soft and technical skills

HackerRank, the developer skills company, and Harver, the industry-leading hiring solution helping organizations optimize their talent decisions, this week announced a working partnership between the two companies, designed to provide a full evaluation of job candidates’ hard and soft skills. This new collaborative effort enables HR professionals to seamlessly and simultaneously leverage assessment solutions from both companies to better predict who will perform better and stay longer within the business.

The need for strong, well-rounded talent has never been higher. With stark competition for the most in-demand roles across industries, talent acquisition teams need to ensure quality of hire while differentiating their candidate experience. Organizations want to know that their potential candidates have both the tech skills and behavioral traits to succeed in a chosen role. And since no two roles demand the exact same make-up of soft and hard skills, organizations require a solution in their HR tech stack that seamlessly evaluates across both skill sets for each role.

With HackerRank’s best-in-class coding assessment and Harver’s best-in-class behavioral assessment, companies get a complete view of their candidates. Harver’s fast and engaging assessments effectively predict candidate fit — and help eliminate bias in the hiring process. Meanwhile, HackerRank’s skills data and measurement tools allow hiring teams to confidently find, hire, and hold onto technical talent with the right skills and at the right level.

“We are thrilled to partner with HackerRank to offer our clients access to the most comprehensive technical skills assessments available in the market,” said Scott Landers, Chief Executive Officer at Harver. “By combining our innovative soft skills technology with HackerRank’s best-in-class hard skills technology, clients can now assess candidates in a more holistic way, ensuring they find the right candidate for their team.”

Harver and HackerRank are both dedicated to transforming talent acquisition and development processes; this partnership represents a significant step towards providing a quality, streamlined evaluation process, helping clients find the right candidates for their teams.

“This collaboration combines our shared vision of empowering organizations to find and hire top talent efficiently, while maintaining an unwavering focus on skills and potential,” said Jesse Sims, Head of Strategic Alliances at HackerRank. “With Harver’s cutting-edge behavioral assessments and HackerRank’s leading technical assessments, we are poised to redefine the future of talent acquisition.”

To learn more about this partnership, please check out this post on Harver’s blog.

About Harver

Harver is the industry-leading hiring solution helping organizations optimize their talent decisions. Rooted in over 35 years of rich data insights backed by I/O psychology and cognitive science, Harver delivers a suite of automated solutions that enables organizations to engage, hire, and develop the right talent in a fast and fundamentally less biased way. Having processed over 100 million candidates, Harver provides trusted, data-driven, and adaptable offerings, including assessments, video interviews, scheduling, and reference checking. Harver has helped more than 1,300 customers take the smart path to the right talent. 

About HackerRank

Trusted by over 40% of the global developer population, HackerRank is the leading developer skills company, helping businesses attract, evaluate, hire and upskill the best technical talent from around the world. Over 3,000 customers across industries, including over 25% of the Fortune 100, rely on HackerRank to raise their hiring bars. The HackerRank developer community has over 21 million members who trust HackerRank to advance and showcase their coding skills.

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