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HackerRank Launches Two New Products: SkillUp and Engage Read now
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HackerRank Launches Two New Solutions to Mobilize Developer Talent and Accelerate Tech Hiring

Written By Ryan Loftus | March 13, 2024

Introducing SkillUp and Engage

The new AI-powered solutions, SkillUp and Engage, help organizations mobilize developer talent and accelerate tech hiring.

HackerRank is excited to share the launch of two groundbreaking solutions, SkillUp and Engage. These new additions to our Developer Skills Platform deliver more impact to help our customers attract, hire, upskill and mobilize their technical talent.

SkillUp analyzes existing developer skill proficiency, compares the results with target role proficiency, and then creates a personalized learning plan to build skills. Engage leverages AI to assist companies in creating and conducting real-world hackathons that are specific to their industry to attract and nurture top developer talent. The two solutions leverage the latest advancements in AI and help companies become GenAI ready.

We unveiled these new solutions during HackerRank’s AI Day Virtual Summit. The event featured keynote speakers including:

  • Josh Bersin, HR tech visionary 
  • Vinod Khosla, Co-founder of Sun Microsystems and the founder of Khosla Ventures
  • Beyang Liu, Sourcegraph Co-founder & CTO
  • Vivek Ravisankar, HackerRank Co-founder & CEO

“AI is changing software development rapidly,” said Vivek Ravisankar, Co-founder and CEO of HackerRank, on the impact of SkillUp and Engage. “Copilots are now an integral part of how developers build software. This means it’s going to change the entire developer lifecycle – the way you learn to code, how you get hired & how you upskill. Our two new products are helping companies attract & upskill developers in an AI-first world.”

“Every company we talk with is focused on building AI skills, but the domain is moving very quickly,” said Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst. “As the company who pioneered skills assessment for hiring, I am very excited to see HackerRank launch a solution for AI skills development. I believe SkillUp and Engage could transform this market and help companies truly credential their AI skills at this critical moment in the technology industry.

“As a customer of HackerRank, CodePath is excited about the launch of SkillUp and Engage as part of AI Day,” said Tim Lee, Chief Learning Officer and Founder of CodePath. “Through our partnership with HackerRank, we have had the opportunity to train the skills of thousands of developers and validate the skills that are being truly learned by using HackerRank’s assessments. The launch of SkillUp and Engage allows organizations like CodePath to utilize HackerRank badging and certifications without having to build and maintain their own system.”

Introducing SkillUp: Building Developer Skills for Productivity & Growth

SkillUp helps companies mobilize their internal talent to become GenAI ready. SkillUp analyzes existing developer skill proficiency and compares that with target role proficiency that informs a personalized learning plan to build skills for current and future success.  With the support of an AI Tutor, SkillUp accelerates hands-on learning that helps developers grasp new skills and technologies and apply those skills to solving real-world problems. 

Organizations can now have a strong understanding of their developers’ skills and help devise strategies to close the skills gap. The product is designed to be developer-first to empower them to be the best versions of themselves. 

Introducing Engage: Showcasing Your Tech Brand to Accelerate Hiring

Developers want to know what kind of challenges a company is working on. Job descriptions do a poor job of it. 

Engage leverages AI to assist companies in creating and conducting real-world hackathons that are specific to their industry/company to attract and nurture top developer talent. By entering their event goals, themes, target audience, and brand tone, AI creates all the elements required for a successful hiring event. With a library of real-world challenges, developers who participate experience, first-hand, the type of challenges they would face every day at the hiring company. 

This innovative solution not only showcases a company’s tech talent brand but also builds meaningful candidate relationships that can accelerate hiring now and in the future.

Who Are We? 

HackerRank, the Developer Skills Company, pioneered and leads the market for developer skills with over 2500 customers and a community of over 24 million developers. Companies trust HackerRank to help them set up a skills strategy, showcase their tech brand to developers, implement a skills based hiring process and ultimately upskill and certify employee skills…all driven by AI.

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