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HackerRank Partners with IBM Kenexa BrassRing

Written By Dan Somrack | June 25, 2019

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Used by over 1,500 customers across industries and around the world, HackerRank is the industry-leading and enterprise-grade technical skill assessment platform.

With scalable team management, advanced compliance features, security and privacy controls, and a guaranteed 99.5% uptime, companies spend less time setting up and worrying about systems, and more time meeting hiring goals and shipping products.

We understand what it takes to build enterprise products and continuously focus on adding features to make our platform as robust and comprehensive as possible to power scaling businesses.

Today, we’re announcing the addition of IBM Kenexa BrassRing to our list of great ATS partners! Integrating an ATS with your skills assessment platform greatly streamlines the recruiting and hiring process. Take a look at the integrated workflow:

A flowchart showing how the BrassRing integration with Hackerrank works

Recruiter sends test invitations from within directly BrassRing - no need to navigate between systems

  • Rather than moving between BrassRing and HackerRank, which can both disrupt the recruiting workflow and increase the probability of data transfer errors, the recruiter can live within BrassRing.
  • In addition to simply sending invites, customers can also set time accommodations (allowing additional time for certain candidates*) a requirement for many enterprise customers with equal opportunity employment restrictions.

*Accommodation settings use percentage intervals (25%, 50%, 75% additional time provided)

Support for Candidates on Multiple Requisitions - a much better candidate experience and easier candidate management for your recruiters

  • If a Candidate applies to multiple jobs, they shouldn’t have to take more than one HackerRank assessment - now, test results will be sent to all requisitions relevant for a given candidate. 
  • If a candidate has taken a test in the past and applies for new requisitions, the historical test result will be sent back to BrassRing, again improving candidate experience by eliminating the need to take the same assessment more than once.

Candidate receives the test invite from HackerRank via email - no surprises for your candidates

  • This is the standard HackerRank experience, easy and simple for the candidate to take their assessment.
  • After the candidate takes the assessment, the result is submitted and analyzed by HackerRank.

The assessment result is sent directly to BrassRing for recruiter review - all the information needed to move candidates forward lives in the ATS

  • From invite to result, the recruiter can stay within BrassRing to manage each candidate.
  • The candidate profile within BrassRing will be populated with the overall score, the percentage score, and a link to the assessment report in HackerRank (if the recruiter needs to take a deeper dive)
  • BrassRing Administrators can even set up automation based on the test results, advancing the candidate if they score well on the coding assessment. 

Read more about our ATS integrations and their benefits here

We’ll continue posting additional enterprise product updates and best practices here on the blog, so check back in and see what exciting new features we have planned for later in the year.

Ready to implement BrassRing or want more information?

The best way to get BrassRing integrated with HackerRank is to contact your HackerRank customer success manager - they will give you more details. 

If you’re not already a customer, we’d love to share more about the HackerRank platform - request a demo here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Dan Somrack is the Director of Product Management for Enterprise at HackerRank. His team focuses on making HackerRank for Work the best technical assessment platform for global organizations. Previously, he worked as a product manager at Microsoft, AtHoc, and Blackberry.

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