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HackerRank Partners with LinkedIn Talent Hub

Written By Josh Zaroor | October 2, 2019

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Today, we’re proud to announce that LinkedIn Talent Hub will be joining us as our newest applicant tracking system (ATS) partner. The integration allows recruiters and hiring managers to schedule CodePair interviews directly from LinkedIn Talent Hub. HackerRank is proud to be one of the selected launch partners for LinkedIn Talent Hub.

About LinkedIn Talent Hub

LinkedIn Talent Hub is the only applicant tracking system (ATS) built on the LinkedIn network. LinkedIn Talent Hub launched to the public on September 25th, 2019.

LinkedIn Talent Hub provides a single platform to source, manage, and hire candidates. And it’s built on the LinkedIn network—which means it leverages insights from its 645M members to provide suggested job descriptions and talent pool insights directly in the platform.

How LinkedIn Talent Hub works

The results is an all-in-one platform that drives recruiter and hiring manager alignment from sourcing to eventual hire.

LinkedIn Talent Hub and HackerRank for Work

To create a seamless technical interview process for Talent Hub users, HackerRank is partnering with LinkedIn to integrate CodePair with Talent Hub. As a part of the integration, LinkedIn Talent Hub users will be able to schedule and start technical video interviews directly from Talent Hub.

How CodePair supports the Talent Hub experience

CodePair is a technical video interviewing platform that allows hiring teams to conduct effective technical interviews from anywhere. Leveraging a library of 1,500+ questions, CodePair lets teams conduct 1:1 or panel interviews for technical candidates.

With a real coding environment shared between the interviewers and the candidate, plus audio, video, and text chat, CodePair is an immersive interview platform that offers the insights of a pair programming exercise with the candidate convenience of a remote interview. It helps hiring teams evaluate candidate skills in-depth while prioritizing a candidate-centric approach:

Interviewer's interface in CodePair, showing interviewer's notes

With this new integration, users can now connect Talent Hub directly to CodePair for easier scheduling. Recruiters can schedule a CodePair session directly from Talent Hub, while hiring managers can start a scheduled CodePair session from within Talent Hub.

The Talent Hub + CodePair integration workflow

From Talent Hub, users can schedule a CodePair interview directly from a message.

To start, as a best practice, we suggest Creating a CodePair Interview stage within your hiring process to track which candidates you are actively interviewing. You can then schedule CodePair interviews with those candidates. Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you’ve identified the profile of the candidate you’d like to interview with CodePair, choose “Message”
  2. From the Compose Message pop-out, click the calendar icon at the bottom of the window.
  3. Click the settings icon, then turn on “Use Video Conferencing”
  4. From the Video Conferencing dropdown, select CodePair from HackerRank
  5. Write your message to the candidate & send

The result is a simplified candidate experience through LinkedIn Messages. Once the hiring manager or recruiter sends the request to schedule an interview, the candidate can schedule an interview from your team’s available time slots directly through LinkedIn.

How to connect Talent Hub to HackerRank for Work

Those already using LinkedIn Talent Hub can connect Talent Hub to HackerRank for Work through the Integrations section of LinkedIn Talent Hub:

  1. From LinkedIn Talent Hub, choose your profile on the top right hand side of the screen and select “Settings”
  2. On the left hand side, select “Integrations” from under the “Advanced” menu
  3. Find the “CodePair from HackerRank” integration from the list and click “Authorize”
  4. When promoted, log into HackerRank for Work
  5. When prompted for permission to connect HackerRank for work, click “Allow”
  6. The integration is now authorized. CodePair will now show as an Authorized extension.

Note: You need administrator permissions on both HackerRank for Work and Linkedin Talent Hub in order to authorize this integration.

You can learn more about HackerRank for work here.

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Hackerrank's Director of Product Management, Josh ZaroorJosh Zaroor is the Head of Business Development at HackerRank. With over 10 years experience in tech—including experiences at AtHoc, BlackBerry, and Intuit—Josh leverages his rich product background to help HackerRank for Work add value to our industry partners.

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