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HackerRank Partners with Oracle Recruiting

Written By Kaivalya Powale | April 5, 2022

HackerRank is proud to announce Oracle Recruiting as our latest integration partner. Customers using Oracle Recruiting can now connect their applicant tracking systems directly to HackerRank. With this integration, we support hiring teams in assessing technical candidates natively in Oracle.

HackerRank makes technical hiring seamless by integrating our core workflows with the HR tech ecosystem, including tools like applicant tracking systems, talent intelligence tools, interview scheduling tools, and more.

Supporting the Oracle Recruiting Experience

Oracle Recruiting, part of Oracle Cloud HCM, is one of the most complete and innovative recruiting solutions on the market. Customers using Oracle Recruiting source better quality candidates, improve time to hire, and reduce recruiting expenses. With HackerRank and Oracle Recruiting, customers can standardize their global technical recruiting processes.

HackerRank integrates with Oracle Recruiting to enable hiring teams to set up technical recruiting workflows. With these workflows, users can set up automated HackerRank tests and generate remote interview links directly from Oracle Recruiting. This empowers global teams to unify their technical recruiting workflows, while giving teams the flexibility to customize their own criteria for assessing candidates in the recruiting process.

HackerRank’s Developer Skills Platform supports two types of assessments. Both of these types of assessments are supported via integration with Oracle Recruiting.

HackerRank Tests

  1. Includes asynchronous coding tests, code review questions, MCQs and more
  2. Includes real-world, project-based questions

HackerRank Interviews

  1. Includes synchronous interviews with single or multiple interviewers
  2. Provides a fully functioning IDE that allows for pair programming, real-time whiteboarding, and diagramming

The HackerRank + Oracle Recruiting Workflow

Within Oracle Recruiting, users can set up triggers for candidates to receive HackerRank tests or interviews. Assessments can be sent as a part of the recruiting setup or presented as a part of the job application itself.

The End-to-End Technical Recruiting Workflow

Stage 1: Setup

  • Hiring team creates a custom HackerRank test
  • Recruiter maps the HackerRank test and interview to the Oracle Recruiting requisition

Stage 2: Screening

  • Candidate receives a test invite from HackerRank via email
  • Candidate completes the test on HackerRank
  • HackerRank posts the results on the candidate’s Oracle Recruiting profile
  • Evaluators assess the candidate’s results

Stage 3: Interviewing

  • Candidate proceeds to the interview stage
  • A unique HackerRank interview link becomes available in Oracle Recruiting
  • Interviewers conduct an interview with the candidate
  • Post-interview, notes and feedback from interviewers are available in Oracle Recruiting

Recruiters can now focus on a candidate-first hiring process instead of switching between platforms. All of a candidate’s test and interview information is available within their Oracle Recruiting profile. Here is a screenshot of a candidate’s profile who has completed one assessment in the hiring process:

This workflow reduces operational inefficiencies and helps recruiters avoid unnecessary platform switching, helping them focus on finding the right candidates.

Where Can I Learn More About Using This Integration?

HackerRank has built this integration with ease of use in mind. Please find more information on the setup and user guides in our support documentation.

Our team is always glad to conduct a kickoff or plan an implementation cycle for this integration. Please reach out to your HackerRank representative or to learn more.

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