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HackerRank Partners with Workable

Written By Josh Zaroor | October 30, 2019
Workable and HackerRank partnership announcement

Today, we’re proud to announce that Workable is our newest application tracking system (ATS) partner. With this integration, recruiters and hiring managers can invite candidates to take CodeScreen assessment tests and review tests directly from Workable. 

This streamlined experience empowers companies using HackerRank and Workable to spend more time meeting hiring goals and shipping products, and less time on administrative tasks. Read more about our ATS integrations and their benefits here

How HackerRank supports the Workable experience

CodeScreen is the standard developer technical assessment platform that has helped 1500+ companies across different industries simplify technical recruiting, increase candidate quality, and recover valuable developer time. With a library of more than 1700 questions, 47 programming languages, and 8 frameworks, CodeScreen allows hiring teams to evaluate candidate’s coding skills on day-to-day tasks and real-world problems. 

HackerRank is partnering with Workable to integrate CodeScreen and streamline the technical interview process. Now Workable users can send role-specific technical assessment tests, automatically review detailed test results, and identify top candidates, all within Workable. With this new integration, companies can reduce their number of phone screens by up to 50%, and engineering hiring managers can save 40% of their time spent on hiring.

The Workable + HackerRank workflow

A flowchart showing how the Workable integration with Hackerrank works

In Workable, recruiters and hiring managers can now directly send HackerRank assessment invitations to candidates - there is no need to navigate between two systems.

Moving between the two systems can disrupt the recruiter workflow and increase the probability of data transfer errors. Staying within one system can also help companies provide clear and consistent communication to candidates, which creates a candidate first hiring process.

  • View list of HackerRank tests from within Workable.
  • Select your tests and send to candidates via HackerRank email.


Recruiters send assessment invitations to candidates, HackerRank takes care of the rest

Once a recruiter or hiring manager sends an assessment invitation to candidates, HackerRank takes over.

  • The candidates will receive an email from HackerRank.
  • After the candidate clicks on the invitation link, they will be redirected to the HackerRank login page. This page can be customized to showcase any company's brand.
  • After the candidate completes the assessment, the result will be reviewed, scored, and checked for plagiarism.
  • The final score will be sent back into the candidate's profile in Workable.

View HackerRank test results within Workable

From invite to results, all the information that Workable users need to move the candidate forward lives in the ATS. 

  • After a candidate completes the assessment, the candidate profile within Workable will be updated with the overall score and the percentage score. 
  • A link to the assessment report in HackerRank is also available if a recruiter or hiring manager wants to further analyze the candidate’s results and see which areas in the test the candidate excelled and faced difficulties.

How To Connect Workable to HackerRank for Work

Ready to implement Workable or want more information? Set up your integration here.

Josh Zaroor is the Head of Business Development at HackerRank. With over 10 years experience in tech—including experiences at AtHoc, BlackBerry, and Intuit—Josh leverages his rich product background to help HackerRank for Work add value to our industry partners.

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