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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

HackerRank’s 2019 Women in Tech Report is Now Live

Written By Maria Chung | March 25, 2019

HackerRank just released its annual 2019 Women in Tech Report. Click here to get the report.  

From the newest discoveries in medicine to the latest advances in renewable energy, software is touching every aspect of people’s lives across the globe. Given this, it’s vital that the creators of software are as diverse as the populations that will be affected by their work.

For anyone, especially talent leaders like myself, who is invested in building and empowering more diverse teams, HackerRank’s 2nd annual Women in Tech report is an invaluable resource.

After surveying more than 12,000 developers who identify as women, we’ve found eye-opening insights, particularly about Gen Z women (those born from 1997 onward). Our findings will help you better understand Gen Z women developers’ skillsets, motivations, and job interests. Unlike other generations, Gen Z women are digital natives — because of this, their interests and values are different from those who came before them.

For years, we’ve only been discussing Millennials in the workplace but 2019 will be the first year where members of Gen Z will enter the job market en masse. It’s now time for us to focus on supporting the next generation of coders who will transform the world!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the report and how you’re working to build and engage diverse teams. Feel free to tweet us @HackerRank or send us an email at
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Hackerrank's Chief People Officer Maria Chung

Maria Chung is the VP of People at HackerRank. She has close to 20 years of experience in the tech industry, leading teams at companies such as Verb Surgical, Quotient Technology, and Yahoo.

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