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Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from the HackerRank Innovator Awards 2024

Written By Tanvi Sharma | February 20, 2024

Game, set, Ada lights up the stage!

The curtain fell on the much-anticipated 2024 HackerRank Innovator Awards and AI Summit this past 15 February, marking a landmark event in the heart of India’s tech capital, Bengaluru. Hosted at the luxurious Conrad Bengaluru, the event saw an impressive gathering of over 400 industry leaders from the realms of technology and talent acquisition.

In a dazzling showcase of innovation and brilliance, the summit was hosted by HackerRank’s AI Assistant, Ada, who captivated the audience with her insights and wit. This year’s edition not only celebrated the achievements of the brightest minds in talent and technology innovation but also set a new benchmark for the integration of artificial intelligence.

Ada hosting the HackerRank Innovator Awards

Ada opened the awards to an insightful keynote by Vivek Ravishankar, CEO and Co-founder of HackerRank, who took the stage to deliver a compelling keynote address titled “Shaping Tomorrow’s Tech.”

In his presentation, Vivek embarked on a profound exploration of the evolutionary journey of the developer’s role over the decades, offering a unique perspective on the technological advancements that have transformed the landscape. He meticulously charted the course of these changes, highlighting how each significant leap in technology has ushered in new directions for innovation and fundamentally altered the way we approach problem-solving in the digital realm.

Vivek’s keynote was not just a reflection on the past; it was a forward-looking analysis that connected the dots between historical advancements and the future possibilities they pave the way for. Through his insights, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the critical role developers play in shaping the future of technology, emphasizing the importance of innovation in driving the tech community towards new frontiers.

Vivek Ravisankar on the future of AI, developer jobs, and developer skills

A Spotlight on Innovation

A standout feature of the 2024 HackerRank Innovator Awards and AI Summit was the eagerly anticipated Innovation Display. Orchestrated by HackerRank’s distinguished team of product visionaries, this segment was led by the trio of Abhilash NL, Afzal Ashraf, and Vijaya Rao, who are at the forefront of HackerRank’s product innovation.

This engaging presentation offered attendees an exclusive deep dive into the remarkable strides HackerRank has achieved over the past year. The team has pioneered product advancements with a laser focus on three key areas: cultivating a strong tech brand identity, revolutionizing next-generation hiring practices, and advanced upskilling methods to ensure future readiness.

Each initiative was showcased with an eye on how these innovations are setting new standards in the tech industry, driving forward the mission to match talent with opportunity in the digital age. This session not only highlighted HackerRank’s commitment to innovation but also provided a glimpse into the future of tech recruitment and professional development.

Hari Karunanidhi, Co-founder and CTO of HackerRank, led a compelling talk aimed at debunking the pervasive myth that AI represents a dystopian future. He emphasized the importance of reshaping our understanding and approach towards AI, highlighting its potential for positive impact and innovation in technology.

The HackerRank Innovator Awards Ceremony

As the summit progressed to its centerpiece, Aadil Bandukwala took center stage to host the esteemed HackerRank Innovator Awards. This annual celebration is dedicated to acknowledging the exceptional talent leaders who, through their creativity and unwavering commitment, have crafted unparalleled talent experiences, driving remarkable outcomes for their organizations. It recognizes those who have not only set new benchmarks in talent development and acquisition but also those who have leveraged their expertise to foster a culture of innovation within their teams and organizations.

By highlighting the achievements of these outstanding individuals and teams, the HackerRank Innovator Awards substantiate the profound impact of strategic talent leadership in shaping the future of technology and business.

This year, however, the team changed the award categories to reflect the changing priorities in these times!

Setting up Skills Strategy: this award recognizes excellence in building and implementing a robust skills-based strategy for talent assessment and development

Embracing AI: this is to recognize and felicitate the company’s forward-thinking adoption of AI in technical hiring and for prioritizing hiring AI first skills and talent rubric

Showcasing Your Tech Brand: this award recognizes exceptional work in building a tech talent brand that attracts top developers and competes with big tech for world-class talent providing a window into real-world challenges that showcase their innovative and dynamic work environment

Optimizing the hiring process: this award is presented for exceptional use of HackerRank to streamline tech hiring. This distinction acknowledges the ability to save time, increase quality of hires, and enhance the efficiency of hiring workflow through a data-driven, candidate-centric approach

Mobilize your Internal talent: this award is presented for outstanding commitment to fostering a dynamic internally tech talent ecosystem, celebrating the use of comprehensive skills data to fuel strategic talent development internally

Winner of HackerRank Innovator Awards 2024

Category: Setting up Skills Strategy

Gold Award: Meesho

Platinum Award: Air India

Category: Embracing AI

Gold Award: Juniper

Platinum Award: Atlassian

Category: Showcasing your Tech Brand

Gold Award: ServiceNow

Platinum Award: Equinix

Category: Optimizing the Hiring Process

Gold Award: Cisco

Platinum Award: NVIDIA

Category: Internal Mobility

Gold Award: Cognizant

Platinum Award: TCS

A Memorable Conclusion

The HackerRank Innovator Awards and AI Summit drew to a resounding close with an exquisite networking session, accompanied by an array of delightful cuisine and refreshments. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, as talent leaders from across the industry expressed their excitement and optimism for ongoing collaborations with HackerRank. This sentiment underscored the event’s success in fostering meaningful connections among the brightest minds in the tech and talent spheres.

This gathering was more than just a ceremonial conclusion; it served as a vivid demonstration of HackerRank’s unwavering commitment to pioneering innovations within the tech talent landscape. The event highlighted the company’s efforts to enhance candidate experiences, hire better, and set new industry standards.

A standout feature of the networking finale was the array of interactive booths arranged by the HackerRank team, designed to engage, entertain, and enlighten the attendees. Among these, the AI Avatar booth emerged as a sensational highlight, captivating the leaders with its innovative offering. Attendees were thrilled at the opportunity to have their personal avatars created by advanced AI technology, a fun and futuristic addition that sparked conversations and laughter.

The enthusiasm also spilled to social media, pre and post the event and here are a few snapshots that followed:

See you all at the next edition of the HackerRank Innovator Awards!


HackerRank Innovator Awards 2023

Recognizing Excellence: A Closer Look at the HackerRank Innovator Awards 2023