SudoRank: A Powerful New Platform for Recruiting and Hiring Linux System Administrators

Written By Vivek Ravisankar | March 18, 2015

Building the right team across any industry is crucial, and one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make after finding the right hiring manager is finding a way to keep your technology stack running smoothly. AtHackerRank, I’ve dedicated myself to helping companies find the right tech hires while also pairing talented programmers with the firms that need their skills. This means it’s imperative to have a pulse on what hiring managers are looking for to meet their business objectives.

Recent data shows that Linux talent is becoming more of a priority for hiring managers. According to a 2014 survey, 77% of hiring managers named “hiring Linux talent” as a top priority, which represents a 70% increase from 2013. With this data and feedback from hiring managers across the globe, a new HackerRank product named SudoRank was born. SudoRank is a first-of-its kind way for companies to fill an essential position — system administrators and system reliability engineers who work with Linux every day.

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