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Introducing the HackerRank Hiring Maturity Model

Written By Rob Banning | February 23, 2021

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Would you like to find out how you stack up in the war for tech talent? 

The Hiring Maturity Model breaks down, in granular detail, the various actions that companies can take to create more sophisticated hiring processes. These actions help companies obtain a competitive advantage for top talent while ensuring a world-class experience for candidates and interviewers alike. 

The Hiring Maturity Model is emblematic of how incremental process changes can impact hiring in any organization, big or small. While there is not a single “right” way to get started, identifying areas within your process as it currently exists will help identify gaps and influence how organizations think about their hiring strategies. 

Take the 2-minute self-assessment now to find out how you stack up.

A sample score on the Hiring Maturity Model scale

Companies of all shapes and sizes consistently look for ways to improve their hiring processes. The central questions they’re trying to answer include: 

  • How do I compare to other companies in my industry and beyond in hiring the best tech talent?
  • What can I do to make my hiring process more efficient, compliant, and fair? 

Where do you fall on the Innovator Index?

If you’re interested in discovering how to improve your hiring process, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Take the assessment (it’s only 5 questions!)
  2. Receive your personalized results & find out how you compare to your peers
  3. Access resources to improve your process and score

Coming Soon: Industry Report 

Using the data provided, we will launch a State of Tech Hiring report in May, which will be free to all who participate in the assessment. This report will be the definitive guide for companies that are interested in finding out how they stack up today and how to improve in the future. 

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Introducing SkillUp and Engage

HackerRank Launches Two New Solutions to Mobilize Developer Talent and Accelerate Tech Hiring