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How to Build a Tech Talent Brand: The Definitive Guide

Written By Ryan Loftus | November 2, 2023

Ebook: How to Build a Tech Talent Brand: The Definitive Guide

Talent branding is one of the most influential factors that impacts hiring outcomes. An employer talent brand is the unique imprint a company leaves in the minds of current, past, and potential employees. It’s the sum total of perceptions, feelings, and beliefs about the workplace. Talent brands are so influential that 91% of jobseekers evaluate an employer’s brand before applying for a job.

While having a strong talent brand is vital for every company, it’s especially important for companies looking to hire developers. Developers expect to work on innovative projects and with cutting-edge technologies. An effective talent brand shows developers that your tech team represents such an opportunity. 

But how exactly does a company create a compelling talent brand, one that attracts developers and competes with big tech for world-class talent?

To answer this question, we created an ebook, How to Build a Tech Talent Brand. Here are the key takeaways.

What is an Employer Talent Brand?

An employer talent brand is the unique imprint your company leaves in the minds of current, past, and prospective employees. It’s the sum total of perceptions, feelings, and beliefs about your workplace. While other forms of branding might focus on the company’s products, services, or vision, the talent brand focuses on the experience of working at your company. 

The employer talent brand can be the litmus test they apply when weighing job offers or considering a switch. In fact, 69% of candidates are likely to apply for a role if the company actively manages their employer brand. 

The Benefits of a Tech Talent Brand

A strong talent brand isn’t just a recruitment tool; it’s your company’s competitive edge. It’s a declaration of what you stand for as an employer, and it speaks volumes to prospective tech professionals evaluating their next career move. Your talent brand has a far reaching influence, impacting initiatives ranging from hiring and offer acceptance rates to company culture and employee retention.

Key benefits of a talent brand include:

  • Improving retention
  • Attracting top talent 
  • Competing with big tech for talent
  • Sharing unique value propositions
  • Strengthening company culture
  • Enhancing brand reputation

Key Indicators to a Strong Talent Brand

The goal of building a talent brand is to tell a story that attracts developers and competes with big tech for world-class talent. But how will you know if that story is successful?

A strong tech talent brand has the following qualities:

  • Grows your talent pipeline
  • Retains existing employees
  • Showcases technical expertise
  • Engages with the developer community
  • Communicates unique value propositions
  • Incorporates candidate and employee insights

Key Takeaways

Establish Clear Owners

Building a talent brand is a collaborative endeavor and necessitates participation from multiple departments. Owners may vary from organization to organization, but common stakeholders include:

  • Tech Recruiters: Their pulse on the market, regular interactions with potential hires, and insights into candidates’ motivations and concerns make them invaluable. They’re adept at gathering feedback and insights, ensuring that the employer brand resonates externally.
  • Hiring Managers: Deeply ingrained in tech operations, they have an authentic grasp of the company’s engineering culture, projects, and innovations. Their involvement ensures the brand messaging is genuine and relatable to the tech community.
  • Employer Brand Manager: Employer brand managers are responsible for the strategic development and implementation of the employer brand. Not every organization will have a dedicated employer brand manager. In these cases, the responsibility can fall on a combination of HR leaders, tech recruiters, and marketing.

Talk to Current Tech Employees

Be sure to tap into the insights of the technical employees at your company. These individuals not only embody the success of your existing employer branding efforts but also hold the key to refining and enhancing your appeal. 

To start engaging with your tech team, set up informal interviews with individuals across departments. Employee surveys are another way to collect developer insight. 

Join the Developer Community

Outside your company lies a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts and passionate developers. Immersing your brand in this community not only amplifies your presence but also showcases your commitment to fostering and nurturing tech talent.

Getting involved in the developer community comes with two important benefits. 

  • Engaging with the community facilitates an exchange of knowledge, keeping your team updated on the latest trends and best practices. 
  • Being an active participant also helps you build authentic relationships with potential hires, partners, and other tech teams.

Rethink Your Job Descriptions

Traditional job descriptions often read like a laundry list of requirements and responsibilities, with little to differentiate one company from the next. But when you’re competing for top tech talent, a mundane job description won’t cut it. It’s time to reimagine how you present these roles to potential candidates.

Take a Data-Driven Approach

Like any marketing or branding strategy, your employer branding initiatives should be backed by data to measure effectiveness and inform future strategies. By weaving data analytics into your employer branding strategy, you ensure that your efforts are continually optimized. This not only maximizes the impact of your initiatives but also ensures that you stay relevant and responsive to the tech industry.


To learn more about talent branding, check out our ebook: How to Build a Tech Talent Brand: The Definitive Guide.

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