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Hiring Technical Talent

Improve Your Tech Hiring Maturity with Interview Templates

Written By Raghav Gopalakrishnan | June 2, 2021

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As your organization grows, it’s essential to elevate the maturity level of your tech interview process. 

A mature interview process is much less prone to bias and helps identify the most qualified candidates in a fair way—and consistency is the key to achieving a greater maturity level in your hiring.

The problem with traditional interviews

The problem with the traditional interview process is it relies heavily on feedback from your interviewing team—and there's really no way to quantify that feedback. 

When multiple candidates apply for a role, each candidate gets asked a different set of questions in their interview, depending on what question the individual interviewer chooses. This leaves room for bias in the interview process because every interviewer evaluates the candidates with their personal perspective and logic. This also makes it difficult to benchmark candidates effectively in order to select the right person for the job.

Since an interview panel consists of many interviewers, achieving consistency requires a disciplined plan that contains a list of technical questions for each round. Additionally, it should have guidelines for evaluation so that all interviewers follow a standard model while evaluating and writing feedback.

Introducing Interview Templates for a consistent interview process

With Interview Templates, you can now easily share a list of interview questions with your team and provide greater visibility into which questions you want to include in all the interviews for a particular role.

Interview Templates also create a cleaner feedback structure for your interviewers—which helps reduce bias and provides a streamlined way to evaluate and hire the best talent.

How to start using Interview Templates

You can easily add any question to a template from the question search functionality inside HackerRank Interviews. 

Screenshot of list of coding questions in Hackerrank Library

To learn more about how to create and take advantage of Interview Templates, check out our support article here. To help your team follow a set of guidelines for consistent evaluation, check out our Interview Guidelines, which you can add to your interview questions.

Photo of Raghav Gopalakrishnan, Product Manager at HackerRankAs a product manager at HackerRank, Raghav Gopalakrishnan is committed to creating great interview experiences for candidates and interviewers alike. Overseeing both HackerRank Interview and developer experience, Raghav leverages his background in engineering to empower customers to create more effective, candidate-friendly technical interviews. He’s passionate about building intuitive and impactful products.

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