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[Infographic] Attract Developers With the Right Recruiting Process

Written By Tanaz Ahmed | December 5, 2018

Most hiring managers and tech recruiters today rely on basic metrics like the number of hires or time to hire to measure success. But, these metrics don’t tell companies what parts of their recruiting process need improvement and how to attract the best technical talent.

To solve this problem, HackerRank launched the Tech Talent Matrix (TTM). TTM is the first tool to give talent acquisition leaders insight into how well their assessments are performing (based on factors like candidate feedback and completion rates), see if they’re targeting relevant candidates (based on factors like email open rates), and how their company benchmarks against peers.

Given companies’ performances across metrics like email open rates, TTM places organizations in four quadrants:  Learners, Attractors, Achievers, and Leaders.

  • Learners recognize the importance of having a strategic tech recruiting process and are taking their first steps towards attracting developers with the right recruiting process. 
  • Attractors are great at candidate engagement but need to boost their assessment performance.
  • Achievers are great at skill assessments but have an opportunity to improve their tech talent brand.
  • Leaders are deploying quality assessments and attracting tech talent but are now looking to move to the next level. 

HackerRank’s customer success team works closely with companies to help them improve their TTM standing and create a high-quality recruiting process for developers.

This infographic provides a quick overview of how to start attracting developers with the right recruiting process by improving your TTM standing. Download the infographic here

Infographic on "Attract Developers with the Right Recruiting Process"

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