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Introducing Flexible User Roles: Right Size the Access for Your Users

Written By James Voytek | April 25, 2024

Flexible User Roles

Being a SaaS platform admin isn’t easy. Defining the right level of user access can be challenging when you start factoring in numerous users and complex internal workflows. 

In addition, your platform may not give you enough customization to define what your users can and can’t do, which can lead to users being given a role with the wrong amount of access. 

Recognizing this need for flexibility and efficiency, we’re always working to make the lives of admins easier. That’s why we’re excited to unveil flexible user roles.

Gain Granular Control

Now, you can control granular capabilities for your HackerRank users and fine-tune access across 30 different entitlements. 

These entitlements define whether users can take specific actions, such as editing tests, creating interviews, sending test invites, and more. 

Flexible User Roles - Test capabilities for developers

Adjust Access at the Right Level

Need to adjust settings for everyone in a certain role? Just adjust capabilities at the user role level. For example, if you toggle off “Edit Tests” at the developer role level, you can disable your developers’ ability to edit tests.

You can also adjust entitlements at the individual level. If you don’t want all of your developers to have the ability to edit tests, but you want a specific user to have that ability, you can toggle on the ability to edit tests for that individual user.

Gif showing entitlements in Flexible User Roles

Opt in to Flexible User Roles Today

Want this granular control for yourself, simply contact our support team at or your dedicated account manager to opt in. For more detailed information, refer to our comprehensive support article.


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