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Product Updates

New CodePair Features: CodeScreen-CodePair Integration, REPL Support, & More

Written By Oded Shekel | August 7, 2019

New updates to CodePair

HackerRank CodePair helps organizations conduct effective technical interviews any time, anywhere, in a real, interactive coding environment. HackerRank customers use CodePair to evaluate candidates’ coding skills, problem solving approach, and communication skills in real-time. 

Today, we’re excited to introduce 3 new features to CodePair. These improvements will help customers conduct more effective technical interviews—whether remote or on-site—and improve candidate experience. 

All HackerRank customers now have access to our new CodePair features:

Import screening questions and candidate code into a CodePair session

We’ve integrated our CodeScreen and CodePair solutions to give more insights on candidate skills using code submitted in the screening stage. 

Why we built this feature

In a typical interview workflow, the screening and technical interview rounds are disconnected: candidates complete a take-home challenge on their computer at home, and then complete an unrelated challenge on-site via whiteboard. It leads to poor candidate experience, and forces interviewers to re-evaluate candidates from the ground up at every stage. 

The most effective technical evaluations, on the other hand, utilize code from the screening stage to add more context and insight to  later interview stages. This approach gives interviewers the opportunity to review the code with the candidate in real time, ask questions, and build on the challenge to better understand their approach to problem solving.

How CodeScreen-CodePair integration enriches the interview process

With our latest CodePair update, we’ve enabled teams to create a connected interview experience from initial screening to technical interview. Starting today, customers will be able to import questions and candidate code from CodeScreen into a live CodePair session with a single click. Hiring managers and interviewers can review the code with the candidate, build upon the pre-screen challenge, and test code together in real time. It enables candidates and interviewers to have a truly interactive pair programming session. 

Interviewers can now import candidate code submissions from CodeScreen directly into a live CodePair session

Additionally, this improves efficiency by allowing you to conduct effective first tech screenings remotely via video, evaluate candidates further, and reserve onsites for your best candidates – saving time scheduling onsites for candidates who don’t meet your skill needs, which slows down your hiring process.

REPL support for Python and Python 3

We take candidate experience seriously. And thanks to our community of 6M+ developers, we’re constantly learning about how developers like to code. We use that feedback to improve our platform, seeding our IDE with developer-friendly tools to ensure they have the best possible experience. 

As a part of that effort, we’re excited to introduce REPL support for CodePair.REPL in use in CodePair during technical interview

With REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop), candidates and interviewers can easily evaluate the correctness of a block of code by executing them separately. It lets candidates code, problem solve, and troubleshoot efficiently, which makes for a great candidate and interviewer experience. 

Enhanced user interface 

We’ve also redesigned the CodePair user interface (UI) to make it even more developer-friendly. Our new interface simplifies navigation, and provides more room for candidates and interviewers to code. This intuitive UI doesn’t require any IDE orientation, enabling candidates to jump in and code immediately. 

Using CodePair and CodeScreen for effective technical interviews 

Want more information about using CodePair for your technical interviews? Join us on August 29th to deep dive on technical interview best practices, including a detailed walkthrough of how CodeScreen and CodePair can help: 

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Learn more about CodePair and HackerRank for work here

Oded Shekel is the SVP of Product Management at HackerRank. He has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, including Intel, Microsoft, and Blackberry.


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