Huffington Post: The Story Behind HackerRank And Its Mission To Help Programmers Across The Globe

Written By Press | August 8, 2016
Software engineers are highly sought by almost every company nowadays as companies try to keep up with the developments of technology. These companies have HR teams dedicated to hiring the best software engineers out there in terms of both skill and fit. However, resumes and phone interviews can only give companies so much information. A big question recruiters and interviewers asks themselves is, “how do I really know if this engineer is right for the job?”
This is where HackerRank CEO Vivek Ravisankar and his co-founder and CTO Hari Karunanidh saw a gap that he could fill—finding a way to better evaluate the programming skills of engineers. This led to the creation of HackerRank, a platform where developers can prove their chops by solving code challenges and companies can hire technical people based on proven skill.
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