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What Tech Leaders Want You To Know About Running Successful Interviews

Written By Aditi Chandrasekar | March 23, 2021

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In the quest to hire the best candidate for your company, it’s easy to get engrossed in technical tests and creating challenging interview questions, and overlook some of the key detailssuch as greeting the candidate with a warm welcome and providing them with resources to prepare for the interview. 

With businesses worldwide opting to move their operations to a remote or a hybrid-remote setting permanently, now is the perfect time to sharpen your remote hiring process. 

Crafted from our discussions with technology leaders from companies that are at the helm of engineering innovation, we created A Tech Leader’s Guide to Hiring Remotely. This guide is more than just a compilation of remote hiring advice, it’s a helpful companion in your journey to improve your recruitment process. 

Download the complete guide here or keep reading for some highlights.

1. Deliver a world-class developer experience

A quote from Salesforce's Director of Platform Security and Compliance (Customer Engagement) Shesh Kondi about the key to a great interview

Clear and consistent communication with the candidate is one of the most important factors of running successful remote interviews. Desultory communication with the candidate is not only unprofessional but can also decrease the candidate’s enthusiasm in the role—which can have long-standing effects.

It’s important to give every candidate an opportunity to shine by using uncomplicated interviewing software and ensuring that the candidate is comfortable throughout the process. 

The goal should be to leave every candidatewhether they’re hired or notwith an experience that they’ve benefited from.

2. Evaluate the right skills for the job

A quote from Argo AI's Mason Itkin, about the importance of soft skills in a candidate

Being able to actively collaborate and quickly adapt is just as essential as a candidate’s breadth and depth of technical knowledge. 

Hiring managers can leverage the comprehensive HackerRank Skills Directory, as a checklist of skills and sub-skills associated with every domain that you want to test. This includes Data Modelling, CSS, Django, etc., and also details aptitude skills such as utilizing verbal and spatial visualization abilities.

3. Save time & improve feedback

A quote from Manulife's Director of Engineering Transformation, Naveed Zahid about minimizing overall time of hiring process at Manulife

Introducing customs such as keeping the candidate informed on how many rounds will be conducted, which skills assessment platform you’ll be using, and offering virtual lobbies for the candidate to wait in before or in between interviews, can go a long way in reducing time while maintaining a great interview experience. 

In this guide, you will learn about practices that tech leaders’ from cutting-edge companies like Apple and Netflix use to make their remote interview process smooth and efficient.

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