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Hiring Technical Talent

Trends in recruitment tools

Written By Guest Contributor | February 14, 2011

Changing trends
Recruitment and hiring is becoming a hot space with a lot of players (new) coming in. I think companies are realizing that the traditional methods of posting on job boards / outsourcing to recruiters / phone interviews, etc. are not only time consuming but also costly.
I am listing a few startups classified into 4 categories.

    • Application Tracking system (ATS)

There are a lot of ATS tools out there, but Jobvite and The Resumator are really simple to use and can be seamlessly embedded onto your careers page.

    • Social networking for jobs

Startups like branchout and hireplug have started leveraging social network and people connections to get jobs.

    • Automate Video / Phone interviews

Phone interviews are definitely time consuming and from our stats it’s easy to say that 7/10 candidates are rejected in the phone screen level. Here are startups like ovia, hiring simplified which helps helps in automating the process – the company needn’t spend any time.
There’s a new speed dating service hirelite (am a big fan of their blog) which helps you to quickly check if the person is the right fit for your company.
Interestingly a YC-backed startup hirehive was also doing something similar on this lines but has switched tracks now.

    • Online Tests – Programming tests / aptitude tests, etc

This is the 4th category where you test the real skills of the candidates by customized tests. Testing the programming skills of a candidate is done by codility, codeanthem and of course interviewstreet 🙂
There’s definitely a sign of change (for the good) in the way recruiting is done . Exciting times ahead!

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