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Hiring Best Practices

What is a Technical Recruiter? Technical Recruiting Learning Series #1

Written By Jessica Miller-Merrell | December 16, 2014

One of the hardest things for any company to do is recruit and maintain a strong workforce. No matter the industry, finding the right people is a challenge. However, the tech industry faces unique obstacles that make it even more important to recruit the best of the best. Between the highly specialized jobs, the learning curve of acquainting an employee with proprietary technology and the competitive recruiting taking place, it can be a challenge to not just find an employee but to find one who is the perfect fit.

Because of these challenges, many tech companies are hiring technical recruiters to lead their hiring efforts. These specialized, skilled recruiters can make the process easier, cut down on hiring time and create long-term recruiting opportunities.

The technical recruiter’s role

An in-house technical recruiter works to source candidates for open positions at technology companies and lends their tech background and understanding to the process. This can help them better connect with candidates and understand the job, leading to better hires. In addition to filling open positions, an in-house technical recruiter also develops long-tail relationships that may lead to hiring or further networking down the road.

In-house technical recruiter vs. general recruiter

In the same way that a non-technical person would have an enormous learning curve coming into your company, including everything from the company’s overall technology concept to industry jargon, a general recruiter isn’t going to be as knowledgeable about the industry and what you need as a technical recruiter will. A technical recruiter will likely already speak the language and understand the industry, position and complex terminology that is associated with developers, programmers and engineers.

In-house technical recruiter vs. technical recruiting agency

Many companies choose to utilize technical recruiting firms to source candidates. While it is a step closer to what you need than a general recruiter, there are a number of benefits that come with having an in-house recruiter instead. One of the most important is the cost associated with a recruiting agency. Recruiting agencies typically make their money when they place a candidate and their commission is based on that candidate’s salary. These commissions could be as much as 25 percent of the salary, which means that you could easily be paying around $100,000 after just two or three hires.

Another beneficial aspect of having an in-house recruiter is that they are on your team, and your team only. They will likely be more committed to the success of your organization because they have a vested, personal interest. They will be better able to help propel your company forward in terms of a strategic overall talent attraction strategy.

These highly specialized recruiters are extremely important to helping your company find the most talented people and recruit them to become part of your team. Nationally here in the U.S., and certainly globally as well, all tech companies are fighting to be ahead of the curve, and your people are what is going to make the difference. In an industry where every company wants the best, you’ve got to invest in your recruiting in order to get the best.

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