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Save time and manage hundreds of programming assignments

  • Simplify how you create, manage and grade programming assignments.
  • Invite students to test and submit their code in a true coding environment.
  • Auto grade and evaluate student performance.
  • Our plagiarism detector will flag any submission that is > 70% similar to another students.

Coding Orgs

Power your next competition with us

Simplify and automate how you create and manage coding challenges. Invite developers to compete and watch them move up and down the leaderboard within your unique environment.


“Being the HackerRank Ambassador for UCSD has not only helped me drive more coding competitions to campus but also influence and simplify how we manage our larger campus hackathons.”

Harmannat Grewal | HackerRank Ambassador @ UC San Diego

“Using HackerRank has not only streamlined how I manage and grade extra credit assignments for my Data Structures and Algorithms classes, it has also made the problem solving experience really fun and rewarding for my students.”

Kemal Aydin | Assistant Professor @ North American University

“PyLadies love using HackerRank to host our global coding competitions. Thank you for creating an amazing platform for all the geeks and for building an awesome community.”

Pooja Gada | PyLadies Hackathon Host, Full Stack Engineer @ AnalyticsMD

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