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HackerRank Projects

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Run and review the
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Better signals on key skills,
at scale

Assess role-specific skills through real-world challenges that simulate day-to-day work and get a true sense of what a candidate can do. Setup and send a new challenge in seconds, use automated scoring and detailed reporting, and dig deep into submissions by browsing git history and code diff, commit by commit.

Built-in content library

Use HackerRank’s library of challenges built by a team of content experts, or take advantage of the supported frameworks to create custom challenges and assess for front-end, back-end, full-stack, and data science, and DevOps roles.

A great developer experience

Docker container backed, developer-friendly environment with support for multiple files, debugging, autocomplete, linting, git integration, and more, to complete projects within the browser – no file upload 
or download hassle.

Roles supported by Projects

Select a role for more information

HackerRank Projects front-end skill assessment example

Front–end Developers

build user-facing components of web and mobile applications.
A quality front–end developer will have a mix of the following traits:

  • Well versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Up to date with latest web technologies
  • A solid understanding of core UX/UI concepts and can manage tradeoffs
  • A track record of creating work that performs for a wide variety of users 
(from different devices, browsers, abilities, and more)
  • Knowledgeable in front-end testing, debugging, and security

Skill Assessment Supported
Frameworks (React, Angular)
Front-End Architecture
Other Front-end Tools
(such as package managers
and webpack)

Project Environment
Eclipse Che

HackerRank Projects back-end skill assessment example

Back–end Developers

construct and maintain the base and underlying architecture
of applications. A quality back–end developer can:

  • Use a variety of software design patterns, security procedures, and frameworks
  • Deliver server-side code that’s scalable, reliable, well tested, and well documented
  • Implement cloud infrastructure
  • Design and manage databases
  • Utilize the latest web service technologies

Skill Assessment Supported
Problem Solving
Back-end Frameworks
(Java Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails,
Python, Django, .NET Core, Node.js)
Object-Oriented Programming
Building and Using REST APIs

Project Environment
Eclipse Che

HackerRank Projects full-stack skill assessment example

Full–stack Developers

are the ultimate all-arounders. They have working knowledge across all layers of a company’s tech stack. Their unique skill set makes assessment difficult and puts them in high demand. Below are some key traits to identify top candidates:

  • Capable of designing, implementing, and building an MVP independently
  • Understands how all components of the codebase work together
  • Understands tech beyond their stack of expertise
  • Drives best practices, leveraging knowledge 
from both ecosystems of the codebase

Combine Projects’ ability to
assess front-end and back-end skills to find the best full-stack developers for your team.

Project Environment
Eclipse Che

HackerRank Projects data scientist skill assessment example

Data Scientists

are responsible for analyzing and using a company’s available data to make business and/or product decisions. Top data science candidates will have the ability to:

  • Clean, transform, and normalize large datasets
  • Utilize general statistics, applied statistics, and/or machine learning
  • Build and evaluate models to effectively answer business questions
  • Use machine learning to identify and understand meaningful patterns
  • Utilize SQL, Python, and/or R

Skill Assessment Supported
Data Wrangling
Data Visualization
Machine Learning

Project Environment

HackerRank Projects devops skill assessment example

DevOps Engineers

manage and optimize a development team’s output, from streamlining collaboration, to performing QA, automating important processes, and more. They make sure development teams ship high quality work consistently and quickly. The best DevOps candidates have:

  • Track record of upholding regular system monitoring and reporting
  • Strong grasp on operational best practices within software development cycle (regarding security, data duplication and redundancy, scaling, disaster recovery, CI/CD, release management and more)
  • Knowledge of Cloud Providers
  • The ability to learn new technologies
  • A “work smarter, not harder” attitude within their work 
– focused on maximizing efficiency

Skill Assessment Supported
Shell Scripting
Source Code Management (Git)
System Administration
Infrastructure Automation (Chef, Puppet)

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