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Owning Interview Prep: Your Guide to the HackerRank Assessment

Written By Sue Yun | August 28, 2018

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Whether you’re a new college grad embarking on your first developer job interview, or a third-year CS major looking for your first internship, you must be prepared to show off your technical chops throughout the interview process. In order to demonstrate the best of your abilities, you should be able to feel at home during a coding interview. That’s why many companies have partnered with HackerRank to help evaluate, identify, and hire developers with the right skills. Here are some tips on taking the HackerRank challenge for technical candidates:

What is the application and interviewing process for Software Engineer internship roles?

If you are interested in Software Engineering Internship roles, you may be asked to apply online and then take a HackerRank assessment. The HackerRank technical assessments are designed to showcase your technical skills and share some insight on your programming abilities.

What is HackerRank?

HackerRank is a developer platform in which developers from all over the world come together to solve problems in a wide range of Computer Science domains such as algorithms, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, as well as to practice different programming paradigms like functional programming.

How do I start to prepare for a HackerRank assessment?

Start by taking a 30-minute sample test so you can get familiar with the assessment process. There is also a HackerRank Interview Preparation Kit that is available. We carefully curated challenges to help you prepare in the most comprehensive way possible so try to solve as many challenges as possible and if you get stuck, use the discussion and editorial sections for hints and solutions. If you have any additional questions, check out the HackerRank test FAQ page.

How can I practice and solve challenges?

Sign up on to join our HackerRank community and start solving challenges. As you solve challenges you will gain points and go up on the HackerRank leaderboard. Our strong community of developers likes to discuss problems, learn, compete and collaborate together. The HackerRank community is the largest learning and competition community for programmers.

Which programming languages are supported by HackerRank?

HackerRank currently supports 35 programming languages. If you are a LinkedIn candidate you have the flexibility to choose the languages that are allowed for answering a particular question or test, however, only those languages will be available to you. You can refer this page to view the supported languages with their versions. This page will be also available to you while attempting the test.

What else should I know before I take the HackerRank assessment?

A HackerRank assessment can take up to 60-90 minutes so make sure you’re in a quiet environment where you have enough time to practice and take the assessment. It is also recommended to use the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when taking an assessment. Mozilla Firefox (version 35 and above) and Google Chrome (version 40 and above) are currently supported by HackerRank.

Will I receive feedback on my HackerRank assessment?

Each company handles this differently. Typically, after you have completed the assessment, your assessment and application will be reviewed by the recruiting team and they will get back to you shortly after.

Sign up for HackerRank and start practicing today!

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